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Best Ways to keep your children safe in the kitchen

5 Ways to keep your children safe in the kitchen

Children are very active specifically at a younger age. This activeness can lead to a lot of troubles for parents as their child engages in various activities. Thus parents are often found having a strict check on their children to know what they are up to so that they don’t end up making a mess in the house. and this check is important as well because children might end up hurting themselves in the process without even knowing about it.

One such place where children can be exposed to danger is the kitchen. You can find different types of knives like butter knives, meat knives, pocket knives, and others which can be picked up by the children. Similarly, children may also find a burning stove which can also create a problem for them. Hence safety of the children in the kitchen is extremely important and parents need to take proper measures to keep their children safe in the kitchen. We will now talk about some of the ways in which you can keep your children safe in the kitchen.

Keep the Kids Away from Stove

One of the most threatening things for children in the kitchen is none other than a stove. One has to be really careful while using the stove for cooking or baking purpose. Parents need to ensure that the stoves are working properly along with all the burners and there is no gas leakage as well from them as it can cause severe damage to everyone.

It is advised that while cooking, the backburners should be used as children have a habit of reaching out for things that are placed on the front burners. This will save their hands from burnings. Also, flammable things like towel, curtains, and other stuff should be kept away from the stove so that they don’t catch fire or the children don’t throw such stuff in the stove.

 One important thing that needs to be done is to place childproof covers on the stove and oven. Children often get their hands till the knobs and turn on the stove so parents can also remove the knobs entirely from the stove to make it safe.

Keep the Dishwasher Away from Children

One common mistake that we all do in the kitchen is that we put in our knives in the dishwasher. This particular act is not recommended at all as it can make your knife go all rusty. Apart from this the main problem that lies that the children may just end up touching all these knives and can hurt them.

Hence it is advised that if you are placing such sharp utensils in the dishwasher than you need to put them in a way that they are pointed downwards. Also once the dishwashing is complete then these utensils should be immediately moved away from the dishwasher into their respective places. For added protection from these utensils, childproof appliance latch can also be used in the kitchen.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Children are known for playing with stuff that they should not be playing with. Refrigerators and freezers are included in those things. One of the most common things that children play with are the magnets attached to the refrigerators and freezers. They can easily choke on such small items hence they need to be removed so that the children don’t end up choking.

The door of the refrigerator should be kept shut all the time for which a Velcro or buckle type can be used so that the door remains shut and the children are unable to open it. Glass bottles should be kept at places in the refrigerator where the hands of the children cannot reach so that they don’t create any trouble.

Keep the Knives at a Safe Place

Knives are the most dangerous item that one can find in the kitchen. The knives used in the kitchen are usually very sharp that can cut off human skin in no time. It is only the butter knife that is not that sharp. Hence all the knives should be kept away from the children so that the children don’t end up using the knife at all.

There should be a separate space to keep knives with all the knives being put in a special case and covering so that even if the children are able to find out the knives they are not able to open the cover and use them.

General Safety Tips

One important general safety tip that needs to be followed is that all small appliances in the kitchen like a toaster, coffee makers, and blenders should be unplugged and there should be no power running in them at all. Keeping the spices out of the reach of children is also an important task to go along with the installation of safety latches.


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