Catchy Email Subject Lines

11 Tips on Writing Catchy Email Subject Lines

The subject line is like the face of a brand, as it is said, “Every product has a face value”. So, not one subject line goes unnoticed. An email marketer must be sure of the interests of its target audience. With email list segmentation, it becomes easy to decide which category of the audience would be interested in which type of subject line. So, it is better to include words that arouse the curiosity of your email recipient without making your email look like a spam. According to Convince and Convert, 35% of email recipients will open emails on the basis of subject line. So, what makes subject lines attractive and yet informative enough to increase open rates? Let us take you through 11 tips on writing catchy email subject lines:

Short and crisp subject lines

Very long subject lines may not be visible completely on mobile devices. And as per research, 40% of emails are opened on mobile first, so, using subject lines with lesser than 50 characters draws more attention of recipients than otherwise. Suppose you are sending an email newsletter, you need not use the word ‘newsletter’ in the subject line. For instance, “Your order has been placed” looks better than “Order #33333333 has been placed”.

Subject line personalization

We look for familiarity in an email subject line. We like to read an email from someone we want to reply to and continue communication. Similar will be the expectation of your recipients. So, write an email subject line with a subject line that strikes a chord in them and makes them want to open your emails even more. Email marketing has a method to follow and email subject lines with the first name of the recipient get better click-throughs than the ones that do not.

Say no to false promises

While you create an email subject line, remember you are addressing potential clients. So, do not provide a subject line with a promise that you are not sure to keep. Just for high open rates, do not mention any hypothetical offers. This will not go down well with your customer and they will not trust your brand, which will result in a lower click-through rate and a higher unsubscribe rate.

Throw hint on your content in the subject line

Offers can be of many types, sometimes including material downloads. If you intend to send an email with an offer like this, it is best to use a subject line which says, “Your newest spring read awaits!”. A minor hint in the subject line can tremendously increase your open rates and click-through rates.

Use action-driven verbs

By ‘action-oriented verbs’ in the email subject lines, we mean using words that drive the mail recipient to click on the call-to-action button. Subject lines work as call-to-action too, just that they help to increase open rates and the other increases CTRs. Action based subject lines are more alluring as they create excitement for clicks. For example, “Participate in the Pirates of the Caribbean quiz to win a holiday package. ”

Greet through the subject line

Everyone wants to be treated well, especially your potential customers. If they find an email that greets them with exclusivity, they will be inclined towards opening that email even more. Give them a sense of belonging through your email subject line, and build loyalty to make them purchase your products and services. You can use the phrases like- “You’re valued and deserve our special invite!”

Infuse a sense of urgency

Any subject line mentioning an offer validity period creates a sense of urgency in the email recipients. As per Hubspot, subject lines with time-based urgency yield a 22% higher open rate. If one uses deadlines such as “Your countdown’s begun” or “Grab the offer before midnight”, an email recipient will be encouraged to act rather than dismissing his or her thought of taking action on your email. Improve open and click through rates on your emails, for better conversion rates.

Play with numbers

Numbers always attract the eyes. To get better email open and click-through rates create email subject lines that demonstrate targeted numbers that will benefit the recipient. So, you will, thereby, be able to set the right expectations. Just like a listicle will have numbers in its title, an email can have numbers in its subject too. Resources, discounts, date, etc. Can be mentioned in numbers, if they are accurate.  For instance, “Answer 3 out 5 questions right to get 15% discount!”

All Caps and too many exclamation marks can irritate

If you want your emails to not appear like spam, avoid using all caps and excessive exclamation points. If subject line says, “GET 50% OFF ON TODAY”S OFFER!!!!!!”, the recipient is surely going to take a back seat and not respond to your email. Lower case shows humility which works on the reader’s mind silently. Research says that above 85% of respondents choose an all-lowercase subject line over an all caps’ one. Show relevancy through emails and not force them om your readers.

Subject lines need A/B testing

Specific audiences prefer specific offers and based on that particular emails. That is where A/B testing shows results on which subject line is clicked on by whom and by how many audiences. Based on the activity result, the future subject line language can be edited and you will see a rise in the click-throughs on your emails. Sometimes numbers, and sometimes questions work for email recipients. Find out what your audience like!

Rightly timed emails mentioning the time lapse

Suppose your email recipient had received an email from you regarding an offer that was valid until a month, and the month end has come. You will have to remind them of that offer through a new email subject line that mentions the running out time count. For instance, “Your subscription is due! Catch up before time runs out.”

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Katie Embry is a content writer for Email Data Group, a company that provides best email appending services. She’s passionate about the application of content marketing strategies in order to increase response rate and meet business objectives.

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