Mistakes People Make With Learning

The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Learning

LEARNING…! Serves as the eyes for the mind

Can you think of spending lives without the eyes? That’s painful, right? Same is the case of learning when a person is not able to learn then how will he or she able to survive in life. Any such person can be successful in life or not? Obviously not…!

Learning is an ongoing process and helps you to survive throughout your life. Different researches and studies have been done to analyze the human learning process. The learning ability is categorized as;

  1. Associative learning

In associative learning one generally learns from its observations or when any return is promised like a rewards or punishment.

  1. Non-associative learning

It’s something that is habitual. It already learned. Like how to react to pain or how to deal with sensitivity.

  1. Active learning

Active learning plays an important role in every person’s life. It’s when a person tries himself to learn something.

Some people are fond of learning new things and believe me, they are blessed. Possessing a learning capacity is a gift, ability to learn is a skill and willingness to learn is a choice. People who choose to learn something new gain more chances to be successful in life. However, the perfect learner rarely exists.

People generally make mistakes while learning. Some of the common mistakes are as under.

  1. Goals

To learn anything properly, certain goals are needed to be set. If a person starts learning anything without keeping a defined milestone in mind then he won’t be able to learn it perfectly.

For example,

If you are learning graphic designing, And simply keep on getting lectures
without any practice work then by the end; of course, you will be at zero.
However, if you set small goals that in 5 days you learn the basic tools and
then move to complex designing tasks gradually. In this way, there are
more chances to learn. As you have the opportunity to judge that you have
achieved your goals in 5 days or not.

  1. Improvement

Well, when you don’t set goals for yourself you can’t judge your learning improvement. And when you are not able to judge any improvement you will surely get frustrated.

  1. Sources

Relying on one source for whole learning process is a big neglect. For effective learning, a person should capable to use different sources. Also, conduct a research on gathered information for better learning. A learning done with only one source and without research is of no use.

  1. Personal interest

Are you trying to learn something that is not within your interest field? Well, that’s a big issue. It can be sorted out if you get the help of a mentor that make the things interesting for you or you can relate them to the things you like to do.

  1. Less patience

People who have a low patience level are not the good learners. Such people mistakenly over-estimate them that they can learn anything fast. But that’s not true though. Learning is a process. One has to be consistent and hardworking enough to learn the new things.

  1. Contrasting IQs

Well, each is unique in his intelligence perspective. If a person is good at learning, he may not be good at doing some other thing. So don’t make a mistake to compare yourself to any other person. If you are slow then it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn.

  1. Fear dilemma

Mistakes are not to be feared off. Making mistakes assure a better learning. So be confident even if you do a lot of mistakes at initial learning levels.

Well, learning is a long-term process. But it benefits you a lot. It’s a continuous process. So don’t feel insulted if you come across a new thing that is not to your knowledge before. But when you learn intentionally, try to choose your field of interest as if you are not interested or bored of something you can’t learn properly.  It will just be a temporary activity to skip the requirement of time.

Determination and focus are the key points for learning anything. If you are determined enough then no one can stop your learning process. So be determined and learn whatever you want or need to learn.


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