Interesting Design Ideas

Get a Unique Style: 6 Interesting Design Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is a public showcase of your home. It is the most popular place in the house where you spend your family bonding, entertain guests, and relax and enjoy a football game on TV after a long workweek. In other words, the living room is where you see a lot of activities happen within your household.

The living room compels you to style it in a design that will not only make it a comfortable place for entertaining, but also a space that is unique enough to wow your guests. Create your living room design by displaying interesting furnishings, textures, fabrics, accessories, art, and colors.

For sure, it will attain uniqueness if you let your singular creativity flow, but you will not make a mistake if you follow some tips and design ideas to make your living room one-of-a-kind.

Energize the Living Room Vibe with Opposite Designs

If you want to lift the living room aura out of the doldrums and raise it into a more splendid style, you will not be mistaken to tap into the power of bringing two opposites design into one. Mixing two opposite styles create a tension that visually makes the room feel alive.

For example, you can try incorporating the classic architectural white-painted millwork style with contemporary geometric carpets and a splash of abstract art. The quiet sophistication of the architecture and the burst of colors of modern elements will make for a visually excellent drama, delight, and excitement.

Style It with a Moody Blue Color

Going for the same moody, blue color for your carpet, curtains, and walls will make your living room a truly dramatic space. Designing the living room with this color accent gives you the opportunity to have an ideal backdrop for pops of white for your sofa and throw pillows and bronze for the table lamp.

Make Way for a Boho Style Living Room

Interesting Design Ideas

A living room in bohemian style will surely look unique and chic. Instead of going for vibrant, bright colors, this living room design showcases neutral tones and white walls. You can then furnish it with wicker accessories, a unique artwork or a sofa in a natural, earthy color to create a serene feel to your living room.

Go for a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room

Interesting Design Ideas

A Scandinavian-inspired living space encourages tranquility and relaxation which is just what we need in our round-the-clock lifestyle. You can mix exquisite furniture pieces, accessories, and wall decor, accentuated by the natural light within the space.

For example, you can paint the wall white, have a neat arrangement of square-shaped neutral cushions, a wooden bookcase, and a combination of indoor plants such as peonies and hydrangeas to create for the room a particular kind of comfort, texture, and dynamism.

Pattern a Singular Living Room Design

Take advantage of a layout or a pre-made design if you want to create a one-of-a-kind style for your living room. For instance, you can place lemon-yellow ottomans with bold Greek-art patterns around the base.

For an excellent matching, you can accompany it with asymmetrical patterns of fretwork screens placed on both sides of the window. Then add a modern touch with a flame-stitch pattern at the edges of the ceiling to make the room pulsates in a visual rhythm.

Unleash the Inner Rock Star Character

Do you want to live like a rock star, even if you are not a real rock star? Well, worry not. You can make your living room assume a rock star vibe.

With flashy features in your living room such as a jewel-like coffee table designed with tiny mirrored dots, a mod chair made in a Mediterranean fabric, and an attractive spiky shag rug you can now make your living room have a rockstar feel. Also, do not forget to add glamorous shimmers and accessories to the entertainment area.


Interesting Design Ideas

The living room is an important room in your house. This space is where you get to spend your family bonding and social gatherings. Hence, you need to make it a pleasant and functional area to make those precious times extra special. For instance, make sure to get the right furnishings. You can look for nice furniture pieces on Focus on Furniture.

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