The Perfect Makeover

The Perfect Makeover: 7 DIY Bed Headboard Ideas That Would Improve The Look of your Bedroom

There’s nothing more practical in making a statement bedroom than to use a striking and beautiful headboard. A headboard is not just an essential bed background. It’s also are a decorous finishing touch to your bed. You can get that headboard impact in a multitude of different ways.

A headboard holds numerous functions like disrupting the air flow from going to the person who occupies the bed and reducing the risk of lowering the temperature. It also offers support for the back and neck, either you are lying, sitting or slouching in bed.

Get On Board With Your Headboard

Excellent headboard ideas can change the entire look and feel of your bedroom. You can buy a ready-made and simple headboard to complement your bed. Or, you can do it yourself too and create a headboard that takes the look of your bedroom to the next level.

Upgrading your headboard with a fresh coat of paint, fabric, bamboo, stencils and other low-cost materials are the easy way to add charisma to your bedroom. For a little help, below are some of the DIY headboard ideas you can do to update the look of your bed and entire bedroom.

Recycled Object Headboards

the perfect makeover

If you’re on a tight budget, try reusing some objects to create a new and inexpensive headboard style. For instance, you can use your old books, reclaimed wood slats, excess wood flooring pieces, bamboo poles, old doors, etc. A headboard made from recycled materials is an affordable way to add glamour and an exceptional style to a bedroom

Furniture as Headboard

Get furniture give them a fresh and new life as a headboard. When you have space, you can make use of your dresser, desk or cabinet and let them float (not literally) in the room with sufficient space to access the drawers on one side and with the back piece as your headboard.

The outstanding part is that you can put table or desk lamps, or other stuff on the dresser to bring light whenever you are reading in bed

Fabric Headboards

There are various types of headboards you can construct by just using a piece of fabric. Using fabric for your headboard is an easy and practical one. Give your headboard a new look such as fabric panel headboard, narrow vertical panel fabric headboard, fabric mosaic headboard, etc.

Fabric headboards add a refreshing and modern twist to your whole bedroom style. Either you are starting from nothing or just want to spruce up a new headboard, fabric headboards can help build, change and decorate your area

A Work of Art as Headboard

A painting or a mural can be a perfect headboard for your bed too. If you want a comfy cushioned effect, you can print or paint your craft on a large canvas, then mount it to a framework.

Having a work of art as a headboard gives a  warm and captivating look with a modern and chic twist. It is a great way to create a background for your bed if all you have is a basic mattress store frame

A Pillow Headboard

From contemporary to traditional, an upholstered headboard is a climactic finish for your bedroom. Take the cushions out of your bed and off your bed and affix them to the wall. For a unique look, suspend a bunch of pillows on the wall as a headboard to sleep fashionably and well every night.

PVC Pipes as a Headboard

A headboard made out from PVC pipes is a developing trend that makes use of used hard metals. It creates a soft but a functional decorative piece effect. It’s also ideal for any design project like DIY pipe beds.

Faux Tiled Headboard

If you want a headboard that is inexpensive, exclusive and not difficult to make, this faux tile headboard idea is right for you. These slabs come from foam, and they cost no more than $5. You just need to mount them on the wall and paint them with any color you want.

When you are searching for an excellent metal tile look, just drizzle them with spray paint to give them a neat hammered look. It’s an easy DIY project. Plus it is comfortable and safe, in case you hit your head on it.

A faux headboard is an economical way to construct a customized look.  It may be as straightforward as a colored rectangle on the wall or as stylish as a mural

Using PVC pipes allows you to play and create various type of design scheme. It also allows the other aspects in your bedroom to shine out of space, granting you a stunning bedroom that integrates your one of a kind decoration tastes


A headboard may not be the first thing to come to your mind when it comes to bedroom makeover. However, a well-decorated or crafted one makes a difference to the aesthetic appeal of your sleeping sanctuary. Some of the DIY headboard ideas which you can do effortlessly are using recycled object headboards. You can use a piece of furniture as a headboard, fabric headboards, a work of art as a headboard, a pillow headboard, PVC pipes as a headboard, faux tiled headboard that would improve the look of your bedroom. 

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