email marketing mistakes to avoid

7 Email Marketing Mistakes You MUST Be Avoiding

Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel used by more than 50% of marketers. According to a survey report it has been seen that more than 80% of the marketers used this for lead generation. Email marketing is not as simple as marketers thinks. Many of the marketers are still making mistakes in their email marketing campaign. And that is the reason for their unsuccessful email marketing campaigns.

7 mistakes you must avoid while running the email marketing campaigns:


1. Inappropriate Subject line

Subject line is the primary explanation for your mail and therefore it should be written in a proper way. The subject lines are the most important part of your mail and so try to make it as simple and unique as you can.This is your first impact on the recipients and will help you to grab the attention of users.

2. Use a Responsive Design

The biggest mistake which every marketer assumes is that their recipients are accessing the mails using desktop or laptop, but the fact is that 70% of the customers are using mobile phones for checking the mails. Out of the remaining 30 %, 20% are using tablets and iPhones and rest only 10% are using desktop. So having a responsive design is very useful for marketers. Today responsive design is the most important part for any website because nowadays smartphones are in more use than laptops or desktops so it is a must to have a responsive design.

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3. Don’t send too many mails

Sending the mails is good but sending too much mail may annoy your subscribers and they may mark your email as spam. Instead of sending the emails daily wait for the right time and then send the mail to get better results. Don’t forget to send the mails on special occasions like birthdays or festivals. Avoid sending too many mails to the same receptors as they might get bored of seeing the same mails daily and can block your mails. This is not a good thing so avoid doing all this misconsequences.

4. Don’t send without recipient’s permission

Sending the mails without your recipients’ permission is not good and may harm your campaign.Before sending mail you must have permission from every single one of your recipient. Make sure that your email database is having easy to create landing pages and well defined profiling forms.

5. Forgetting to Bcc

Forgetting to blind copy the recipients is another biggest mistake done by the marketers and which should be avoided for successful email campaigns.

6. Proofreading before sending mails

Before sending the mails proofread the whole mail atleast once to avoid grammatical and typo errors. A small spelling mistake done while writing the mail can create an unprofessional image of your company.

7. Don’t forget to track the results

All the emails you are sending are of no use if you are not tracking the results. Track your results to see whether your mails have reached to the targeted recipients or not. Tracking the results is the best way to correct the mistakes which you have done and to overcome it. There are different ways through which you can track your results and lead to a better lead generation.

Email marketing is not simple but it’s not complicated also. If done in a correct way then it can give you better results but if it is done in a wrong way then it’s better to avoid these campaigns. Try to avoid all of the above mistakes which can lead to unsuccessful email campaigns and utilize techniques which can lead to successful campaigns. Start analyzing your campaigns to avoid the unwanted mistakes mentioned above.

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