Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger is still relevant for social media users. Although WhatsApp overshadowed Messenger, it has not become alternative for Facebook users to chat on mobile with their Facebook friends. So day by day and year by year, Messenger’s user base is growing by leaps and bounds.

The below statistics shows the growing number of Messenger users.


                            Source: Statista

One-seventh of total people in the world are using Messenger on a regular basis. There is no signs of slowing. Some assumethat Messenger may kill email and phone calls soon (WhatsApp is doing the same on the other hand).

In early 2015, a research revealed that the usage of messaging apps surpassed the usage of the top four social networks including Facebook and Twitter. The research further said more than one billion people use Facebook Messenger.Therefore, there is no surprise about Facebook’s decision to load Messenger with ads to increase revenue.

I don’t know what other forms of communication Messenger will bring in future, but it is creating massive opportunities for marketers to create more personal connections with customers.

LinkedIn allows marketers to directly connect with the targeted customers via chat. Recruiters and marketers are using it to hire employees and generate leads respectively.

Some top social media experts say this is a big push from Facebook in 2017. Let’s see how Messenger Ads will work and how we’ll be able to utilize the platform.

Top Features of Facebook Messenger Ads

Feature 1:Option to create a Messenger Destination Facebook ad

Messenger Destination Facebook ad appears in News Feeds. When a customer clicks on your ad, he will be directed to a private Messenger thread, where marketers can have a oneon-one conversation with him. Below you can see how it goes.


Source: Facebook

As a marketer, you can use this feature to offer special offers, offer job opportunities, offer discounts, promote brand, or fulfil any call-to-action you have in mind.

Feature 2: Send a sponsored message directly to someone’s Messenger inbox

You can do this only to people who’ve messaged you via your page before. This looks more effective than the first feature, as you can have real conversations, which you can use to address their queries, get their feedbacks or offer your products (or services). This ad appears just like a message from a friend in the Messenger app.

Your conversation will be saved in their Messenger’s inbox, so they can check it at any point in the future.

By the end, you will be able todevelop a genuine rapport with them.

More Features of Messenger Ads

  • People can opt-in to get messages from marketers, so marketers can reach them directly.
  • The type of ads you can use are carousel, single image, single video, or slideshow.
  • If your customers miss your messages in the Messenger inbox,they will be pinged in their Notifications tab. So none of your messages will miss from their eyes.
  • You can target customers based on their previous interactions with you. In other words, you can create a custom audience for your ads. Below is a screenshot of the same:


Source: Facebook

Will Messenger Ads make any impact on Messenger chatbots?

In F8 developer conference in April 2016, Zuckerberg announced that all sorts of businesses now will be able to use chatbots to provide automated customer support via ‘Messenger’ service. Now with ads, it has beenan added advantagefor businesses who set up chat bots to deliver personalized conversations. So it is expected that there would be an increased demand for mobile app development companies who develop chatbot apps on Messenger platform.

Will Messenger Ads ruin Messenger?

The nature of the Messenger ad creates some concerns among users about Messenger. It is particularly about the probability of turning Messenger intospam inboxes.Now businesses have license to directly have conversations with customers. This is what Facebook has to look into seriously and be sure to avoid fire back. 

David Marcus, Facebook’s VP of Product for Messenger, assured that they were “paranoid” and the Messenger ads “will definitely be limited.”


No doubt, the internet offers both good and bad. Being a leader in social media world, Facebook has been spiking its revenue graph and brand image by continually improving user experience and mitigating challenges. Messenger ads are expected to create the same or better impact than the Facebook adsin online marketing, as it is very much personalized and narrowly targeted.

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