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7 Home Security Mistakes to Avoid With Your Doors and Windows

If you were a burglar, what’d be the easiest way to break into a house? If you’ve watched enough films about heists and robberies, you’d probably think of something complex—something that involves ladders, ropes, pliers, screwdrivers and even a glass cutter.

But real burglars usually aren’t as dramatic, albeit definitely just as creative, as their reel counterparts and in fact, may opt for the least obvious points of entry—your very own doors and windows, here the seven home security mistakes to avoid.

But that’s crazy, you might say. What burglar walks in through the front door? That’s the point though, isn’t it? Nobody expects them to, so not a lot of people bother to maximize home security measures in front doors or windows. Needless to say, this is a very big mistake.

If you want holistic protection for your home, property and loved ones from burglars and other bad elements, you need to avoid these oversights:

Buying cheap locks.Going for cheap may sound ideal, especially when you don’t have a considerably sized budget to speak of, but you could very well leave your front door open.

Cheaply made locks stand little chance against expert and determined burglars. Quality equals cost when it comes to locks, so if you want security, you might have to really spend more.

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Hiding your keys outside. Your investments on pricey security doors and other home security systems come to naught when you leave your keys outside. Some have taken the habit of leaving their keys under door mats, above door frames, under a rock in the garden and other seemingly effective hiding places, only to regret the decision later.

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Thieves know to look in places like these, so it’s best to leave your spare keys somewhere safer, such as a neighbour or friend you absolutely trust.

Putting your valuables close to the window. A good way to deter burglars is to hamper their interest in your home. Keeping your treasured belongings close to windows for everyone to see is completely counterproductive. All thieves have to do is break or unlock your window and voila—possessions gone. You can install security screens, of course, but keeping your stuff off the windows is a great start.

Using fake or substandard security systems. Many believe that keeping your house safe from potential burglars is as easy (and as cheap) as putting up the right illusion. Some install non-functional CCTV cameras and alarms where people can see them, while others put up signs warning of dogs that do not exist.

While deception may have worked for “The Art of War,” burglars nowadays have wizened up, developing ways to identify fake and substandard cameras, security doors and other security equipment. The best thing to do is still to not be cheap and actually invest in protecting your home.

Leaving your garage unlocked. It may not look like it, but your garage may be easier to open than you think. In fact, all it really takes for an expert is a wire hanger to trip the emergency release lever, open your garage door and gain full, undeterred access to your home and belongings.

To avoid such a problem, installing lock-and-key systems would be ideal. Now you might think the solution does away with the convenience offered by conventional garage doors. Of course, it does. But a measure of inconvenience is always worth the added security, right?

Not investing in maintenance. While it’s great to imagine good things lasting forever, it simply cannot be true. Even the best security screens for example, made from top-quality metal, will not last for eternity. It will have to be replaced after a couple of years to ensure that your home remains secure.

The same applies to other systems installed for your protection. You can’t entrust such an important task to just about anyone either—it’s ideal to solicit the services of expert tradesmen who have had sufficient experience in the installing and replacing security systems.

Do not leave your doors unlocked. This is perhaps the most obvious mistake you can make. Your security equipment will prove unhelpful if you forget to lock your windows and doors. Never leave your doors unlocked even when you are inside your home. It might seem like something paranoid homeowners do, but you can never be too safe.

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There are many ways to keep your home safe from crooks, but remember that your first line of protection should always start in your doors, windows and other apparent points of entry. Keep entrances locked even when you are home and never be complacent about the security measures you implement.

Burglars will take any opportunity to enter your home and obtain your possessions, so being vigilant will do wonders in ensuring your safety, as well as that of your loved ones and property.

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