How to Build your eCommerce Site in WordPress

How to Build your eCommerce Site in WordPress

According to a recent survey by PwC, more than half of the purchase will be accomplished through online in every month and one-third of which will be using a mobile phone. So, if you have any crazy store setting idea – it should be online here you go how to build your eCommerce site in WordPress by following step by step process.

Now, online marketers have two options, either using out of the box shopping store like Shopify or more controlled and widely used platforms like WooCommerce and Magento.

You may find more handful options, but till now the most reliable preference is WooCommerce – a WordPress online store plugin. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress and powers both non technical store owners and developers complete control and flexibility.

It is a fact that WooCommerce powers 30% of all online stores — more than any other plugins.

Follow the easiest steps to set up an amazing e-commerce site with WordPress

  1. Find Suitable host: First, buy a domain name from a recognised registrar like GoDaddy and then find suitable hosting services such as WPEngine and Bluehost. Try to avoid shared hosting services.
  2. Add SSL certificate: Buy SSL certificate from your host as most of the online shoppers are paranoid about payment security.

3. Select Store design: There is a bunch of store themes available only for WooCommerce in WordPress.org. Shopkeeper, Total, Chic, and Storefront are the most popular theme.

4. Install WooCommerce Plugin: After settling for hosting service, download the WooCommerce plugin. It is free and easy to install. With 300 extensions to choose, you can enhance the features and create your own user-friendly solutions. It is very easy to configure shipping and payment details with WooCommerce Plugin.

How to Build your eCommerce Site in WordPress

5. Add Products: After setting up WooCommerce plugin, you will be asked to add products. Add the best pictures (with ideal resolution) of the products with short but informative descriptions.

After building your user-friendly ecommerce site, the next task is to work on a marketing strategy It will be wrong to use only one medium to reach to your potential customers, instead invest in an integrated formula like Adwords, SEO, email campaigns, classified ads, leaflets, social media, sales letters, etc.

According to Sucuri , WordPress sites can be easily compromised by malicious hackers and spammers, if all vectors of the site are not screened for  security threats at regular intervals. Security is a continuous process and WordPress maintenance service should be used to audit plugins and themes for bugs, update WordPress, Firewalls and maintain website backups.

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