How to Choose the right hosting service providers in budget

How to Choose The Right Hosting Provider Within Budget For Your Blog

Are you looking to start a blog or a website on your own? Congrats on your journey. The internet as we know today has come a long way. And it has always been a very dynamic one.

There are hundreds of things you should learn and test if you want to be success ful in the internet today. But all of that has to start somewhere, why not a website? And a robust website can be built only when you have a reliable host provider. Which brings me to the next point.

What is web hosting? In simple terms, it’s where you upload or post your website or web pages. Your own tiny corner in the internet.

What does a hosting service provider do?


The service provider enables you to host your website by providing the technology and the services. And to ensure your website is strong and has an uptime of more than 99% of the time. Which means people or your customers will be able to browse through your website anytime of the year without any issues. Also meaning you’ll make more money throughout the year. Sounds interesting right? Ok, but…

How to identify the best hosting Service provider?


There are different parameters you should have to shortlist your hosting service provider. For instance, a small time blogger might look for a cheaper service, or it can be the best service the host provider gives you. So, it’s completely up to you to decide on your own terms which suits you better.

Who are the top players in the industry?


There are many host providers in the industry. Let’s see some of the top names here:-

1 and 1 Hosting

Host Now

You must have heard about this hosting provider. They boast of millions of customers and it’s a testimony for the service they provide. They have differentiated themselves from their competitors like Go Daddy by offering monthly hosting packages. So you know they are in the top for reasons like this. If you want to explore the world of online by having your website, start with one and one. It’s worth all the money that you spend


WP Engine


This is the most versatile option available for a beginner. Even a complete newbie can move to WordPress and immediately start building the website without knowing how to code. Simply put, they know their shit. Did you know, 30% of the internet is powered by WordPress? Which means millions and millions of websites are powered by WP Engine. So you can guess the power of their backend and also their after sales support.


InMotion Hosting

Has got power packed features for its customers to take advantage of. But one annoying issue they need to get rid of is the need of way too many passwords for everything. This is definitely a good thing keeping in mind the security. But annoys the beginner a way too much. The website builder which comes as a paid feature isn’t capable of doing the job. Maybe their backend is strong, but if the front end isn’t attractive, most of the people would just skim through and leave the website immediately.



If you are a person who knows how to manage web hosting. This service can help you in a great way. Let me tell you, this service provider is not for the beginners who have a less coding knowledge and know less technical aspects. DreamHost provides great value for the money you spend. So, decide accordingly.



Host Now

I’m sure you must have come across this name at least a couple of times when you started researching on the best hosting service providers. They are well known in the industry and provide different plans for individuals and for small businesses. It will be one among the top choices for customers. From managing a single page website to a robust e-commerce website, HostGator can be the ideal partner for your hosting needs.



site ground

SiteGround’s customer service and the security is among the top. If the mentioned 2 aspects are your top priority, you should consider having an account with SiteGround. But if you are looking for a one-stop shop, this player would put you down. So you should consider other top players mentioned in this list. Picking the right service provider is a bit tough but I’d suggest you to have your priorities in place. So you’ll be in the right situation to shortlist the partner for your hosting needs.



blue host

Host Now

Is well known for its uptime. It’s a breeze to create attractive and functional websites with the limited features that this provider offers. As a disappointment, Bluehost is behind in the race when compared with the other players in the host service providers market.


Big Rock


Host Now

Predominant in the Indian subcontinent, directly competes with GoDaddy in the domain registration space and the hosting business. Provides an array of affordable hosting plans that won’t burn a hole in the wallet. The plans starts from just Rs.129/- per month. If you are looking for an Indian face in the after sales, you should go with Big Rock. As they have support in multiple languages. This is one of the unique benefit that is provided by them to attract more customers in the host service provider space.


Go Daddy

Host Now

One of the top hosting providers across the globe. Apart from the domain registry service, they also provide the best hosting in the market. This makes them one among the best hosting service providers not only in India but in many geographies. They provide you a very good service and encourage a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Their customer service is excellent. Even if they are charging a premium, I’d suggest you to go ahead with them for the excellent service they provide.

Which is the best hosting service provider for a personal website or blog?


To answer this question simply, I will need to know your country of residence. As it completely depends on the country or geography you are from. In different countries you have different service providers who top the list and they are specific to that particular region alone. A quick Google search would show you the top web hosting service provider for your country. Note – This list isn’t a comprehensive one.

All set to rock your business with the best hosting service provider?


Here’s the final thought. I’d suggest you to do the following things to finalize the best host provider who can support you in the internet world. You should clearly know the objective for the website. If you are ready, head to one of the top hosting service providers in the market and start your journey. All the best for your success.


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