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How to get more blog traffic when you’re not really popular
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How to get more blog traffic when you’re not really popular

All online business owners face a common problem: Low Traffic

Website traffic means so much to brands. The higher your traffic, the more opportunities you get for making more conversions and sales.

Low traffic is the reason why people start a digital business give up their entrepreneurial dreams within a few months of launching their website.

Are you experiencing the same problem?

Having a Website is not enough

So you have an amazing business idea that you want to materialize online. You put up a blog, feature your product or service, and wait for people to find you.

I hate to burst your bubble but simply having a website is not enough. You have to figure out how to be discoverable.

Invest in website traffic building strategies that will lead people to you, no matter where they are from.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be popular to get a lot of visits.

What you need is a proven list of strategies that have worked well for a lot of successful marketers.

Website Traffic Building Strategies     


1.   Keywords, keywords, keywords!

Keywords should be a major part of your traffic building plan. When people look for information on Google, they type specific words or phrases.

Google presents them a list of websites that are relevant to their entered keywords.

Make sure to use keywords with a high search volume in your blog post headlines, Meta descriptions, image titles, and alt text. However, be careful not to overstuff!

keyword research

2.  Promote your content on social media.

After you click publish, share your blog post on social media platforms where your target audiences are active.

Do it multiple times but use a different call-to-action, caption, or image for the same post each time you share it.

Make it easy for your people to share your blog posts too by adding social share buttons.

3. Join blogging communities.

Bloggers find it very useful to become part of blogging communities.

In a blogging community, you get to build relationships with other bloggers who are willing to share your post with their readers.

By exposing your content to more audiences, you get free traffic. Try communities such as BlogEngage, Blokube, Triberr, and IndiBlogger.

4. Blog commenting.

Blog commenting is a very effective way to send readers to your website.

However, some people abuse this strategy by leaving spammy comments or writing a generic post like “Great article, thanks.”

Readers appreciate comments that are genuine and add insights. Keep yourself updated with the latest post of your favorite top blogs by setting up a Google Alert for each of them.

5. Write highly engaging topics.

There are three best ways to know which topics are worth writing:

  • Visit top websites, head to their blog section, and find out which of their post have gotten the most shares and comments.
  • Visit Quora and enter a topic of interest in the search box. Quora will show your questions and answers that most people are interested in.
  • Use a tool called BuzzSumo to get a list of the most shared pieces of content all over the web.

Be sure to create a compelling title so that you attract more audiences when you share your post on social media.

6. Answer Quora questions.

Q&A Read Me Bro

Even top entrepreneurs like Neil Patel head over to Quora to answer people’s most pressing questions.

Quora is not only a great place to get blog traffic, you can also start building your authority there.

This Q&A site has over 100 million active monthly users which only means that you can a lot of traction by simply joining conversations!

Don’t just share your newly published blog posts with your social media followers, do with your email list as well.

Telling your subscriber about your content is a great way to deliver value. Remember that email isn’t only intended for selling.

To get website traffic from your mailing list, send your messages during the right times. Write interesting email subject lines. Lastly, don’t forget to include links to your post!


When implementing these strategies to drive website traffic, be consistent in your efforts. That’s the only way you’ll be able to see the results.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Got anything to add to this list? Leave your comments below!

Author Bio: Kanti Kashyap is blogger and SEO expert at a blog She has contributed to many websites/blogs related to SEO, social media and Internet marketing. She loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging.

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