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How To Make Shadow Puppets With Your Hands – Hand Shadow Puppets

How To Make Shadow Puppets With your Hands? Here Shadow puppets make great fun games for any occasion. Just a casual hangout or a fun sleepover. It makes a great time pass and would not fail to tickle your funny bones. Here are few of the easiest hand Shadow puppets to start with.  Refer to the pictures for a better idea.

Make A Bunny:  

Kids love bugs bunny and it is the easiest of all. You just need to focus on the ear and the hop. Make a V with your two fingers and you are good to go. Check out the picture for the reference


A Dog:

You just need light, a wall, and a free hand or two and get ready to pull off the fake bark. Here’s the “dog”:


Two Handed Bird:  

Let’s try another easy one.To make the bird simply turn your hands so that your palms face you cross your hand over each other and lock your thumbs together. Stretch your palms open to make the birds wings. To make the bird fly curl your fingers inward then outward again.

two bird

Make A Swan:

To make the swan, raise one arm, bend at the elbow, and bring the tips of the fingers together so that they make a point. With your other hand, spread your fingers wide and put the fleshy part of your palm on your bicep to make the swan’s tail feathers



Make A Deer:

Let’s move to a little tricky one. This shadow puppet can take lots of practice, but it looks amazing when it’s perfect. To begin with, face your left palm toward the ground and bring your index, middle, and ring fingers together in a point. Tuck your thumb under your hand and extend your little finger straight slightly under your other fingers. Place the fleshy part of your right palm on the back of your left hand and extend your thumb, index, and middle fingers upward. Curve your ring and little finger to make the deer’s eye.

To make the deer talk, move the little finger on your left hand up and down.


I hope it was helpful. Try these easier Shadow puppets and in our next article will help you learn the trickier ones. Stay glued to Readmebro.com for super cool stuff.

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