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How to lose weight without losing your bones

How to lose weight without losing your bones

Many of us feel unhappy with our bodies, and in that case, it’s natural that you would want to lose weight. However, it’s also possible to go about things the wrong way – and do yourself more harm than good. There are lots of unhealthy weight loss methods that will damage your body and leave you feeling weak. In order to avoid that, How to lose weight without losing your bones.

Introduce changes gradually

Whatever changes you make, make them gradually. Don’t switch one day from your normal, unhealthy lifestyle, and then immediately start living like a top athlete. Your body won’t be able to handle it, and it will also be a difficult mental struggle. Doing things incrementally means that you can adapt to the changes as you go, and experience more success.

Create a calorie deficit

The important thing to understand is that your body burns energy during the day which it gains from food – which we can understand as calories. If you are eating more calories than your body needs, you will gain weight. If you are eating fewer calories than your body needs, then you will lose weight. It’s that simple. Therefore, work on making sure that you have a deficit, then you can gradually increase that deficit – either by eating less or working out more

Increase your activity

Notice that we talk in terms of activity – not necessarily exercise. It’s not possible for everyone to go to the gym or go for daily runs, so you have to work in exercise to your lifestyle in a way that suits you. This could mean going for a half hour walk during your lunch break from work. It could mean standing at your desk and doing some squats every hour to keep you limber. And, of course, it could mean spending a couple of hours at the gym two or three days a week. The point is that if you increase your activity to lose weight, you can build a strong and healthy body as well as growing your muscles.

Eat right

It’s also important to make sure that you are eating the right things. Five servings of fruit or vegetables a day are certainly a good start, but you also have to add more to that diet if you want to stay healthy. You need servings of protein, fibre, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins and minerals to keep your body strong. In particular, your bones need calcium, as well as Vitamin D which helps you to retain calcium. There are lots of ingredients needed to create a healthy diet, not simply cutting out everything except salads.

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