Modern Prefab Home Floor Plans

10 Quick Tips About Modern Prefab Home Floor Plans

Are you doubtful about building yourself a prefabricated house? Well, don’t be. Prefab homes are lovely homes which are affordable and are the most eco- friendly homes in Bangalore at the moment. Enjoy these 10 quick tips about modern prefab home floor plans and get inspired to build yourself your dream prefab home:

1. Keep your prefab houses small- Extremes are never good. Which is why, regular sized prefab homes are just right for all. Ultimately, all you need is, room for a dining table, bed, washroom and this and that. You don’t need more than 2,400 sq.ft. is needed unless you’re a lot more people than the usual. This is green- 101

2. The lesser complex prefab homes are, the better it is- It’s a facade to build lavish prefab homes. The beauty of prefabricated houses fade away because of this. Learn to love beautiful boxes like container homes. It’s simple, affordable, energy- efficient, well- organized and so on

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3. Open floor plans- Keep the floor plan less complicated. Fewer walls equals lesser materials. In fact, it forms a perceived space which is bigger- a win- win situation for all

4. Stick to simple details- Remember, our budget is low and elegance is the key. You can go for simple details like painted wood sill, wood casing around windows and so on. Elegant, ain’t it?

5. Smart material choices- Look at container houses, they’re affordable homes because of the materials used- steel. Stick to unique, durable, beautiful materials which are eco- friendly too

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6. Shop online- When it comes to interiors, go for online shopping. It’s affordable and quality stuff. However, if you want antiques at home, just like your unique prefabricated houses, perfectly fine! Not only will online shopping save you time but, it’ll save you energy and money too.

7. Don’t choose design copycats- What’s the point of building prefab houses when you can’t even decorate it skillfully? Copycats ain’t cool. In fact, they are a disgrace to prefab construction. Prefab cool home plans are unique- keep it’s interiors unique too.

8. Garage can be in the basement- You can put some money in your prefab construction and see yourself living in a house with the garage in the basement. It’s a great technique to save space and a good parking method too.

9. Make sure your prefab home builder is the best- How to do that? Read the testimonials, do research about the best prefab home builders in India or Google- “container house”- the best one’s on the top (most of the times.) Find out about their plans, works, prices and more. Then only will you find ‘The One’

10. Avoid peer pressure- This is of prime concern- Most friends and elders say, “it’s a trap- don’t build yourself a prefab home. What about the re-sale price and this and that?” All you need to question them back by saying is this, “Are people abroad crazy enough to build them prefab homes?” These homes are lovely and come in a wide range- be it wooden homes or any other, it’s quality- oriented, customized, unique homes at affordable rates!

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Prefab construction ain’t easy- it’s hard yet, it’s worth all the pain. It’s eco- friendly and lovely. These tips shall help you realize why prefab homes are coming in and stick- built homes are fading away.

May you live green, always and forever!

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