Religious Places in India

TOP 20 Religious Places in India

India is a country of diverse culture, religion , ritual and people ,it is the only country which reflects different faiths in the world and hence is considered as the most religiously diverse nation worldwide. India has a rich heritage and its spiritual air respects the fragrance of the karma and the dharma. It would not be wrong to consider this nation as “the land of faith” where you can experience the divine presence of history combined with spirituality to quench the thirst of one seeking peace, the beauty with which the supreme power dwells in different forms and beliefs. The presence of large number of temples, mosques, gurudwara and churches make a great hub for the religiously inclined travelers and otherwise too. So now let us have a look at the fascinating tourism religious places in India:

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Mata vaishno devi calls out to her devotees from high up in the mountains. It is situated on the katra hills in jammu at an altitude of 5300 feet. It is one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to the power of Adi shakti, it Is also the second most visited places in india.

This holy shrine holds an intresting story of how mother goddess DURGA has helped pandit shridhar organize a bhandara and had to leave to save herself from bhairon nath. Pandit shridhar felt extremely grieved and shunned food and water and praying Mata to reappear.

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Mata appered in his vision and told him to find her at the holy cave, she showed him the way to the cave and insisted on breaking his fast. Upon reaching the destination he found a rock form with three heads on it, they are called the three pindis. Mata appeared before him in her three supreme forms of Maha lakhshmi, Maha sarashwati and maha kali. She blessed him and asked him to spread the glory of the holy shrine which pandit shridhar continued to do for the rest of his life.


If we talk about the top 20 religious places to visit in India this is most visited followed by vaishno devi,and it is famous worldwide. It is situated in the hilltown of Tirumala in Chittor district of Andra Pradesh.
This temple is dedicated to venkteshwara considered as an incarnation of lord vishu, it is believed to haveappeared to save mankind from the troubles of kaliyuga, therefore this temple is also referred to as kaliyuga vaikuntham.

The Tiumala venkateshwara temple or Tirupati balaji temple is the richest pilgrimage centre in india. Brahmotsavam festival is the best time to visit this place as it attracts the most number of people from across the globe.

Almost 60,000 pilgrims pay a visit to this temple each day, and the ladoo pradam is another attraction of this holy place.


This temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha or the elephant god. This temple is located in the capital of Maharastra.The Siddhivinayak temple is the richest temple in Mumbai and one of the richest in Maharastra, other famous Temples in Maharastra include Dagruseth Ganpati pune, mahalaxmi temple of Kolhapur and Shirdi wale sai baba.


You can consider this as the land of serenity, the clean emerald Ganga innumerable Hindu temples and a huge settlement Of yoga centers.

This place opens the door of different level of spirituality in our nation and keeping the Hindu practice of Yoga alive.

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You can also praise nature here in the purest form and hence this makes a exceptionally beautiful religious place to visit in India.


Mathura the birth place of lord Krishna situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Today the city has innumerable number of temples which also includes Krishna janbhoomi temple where devotees flock in large numbers throughout theyear. However janmastmi is the festival where the town in overcrowded and full of colors.


Vrindavan is also situated in the state of state of Uttar Pradesh and is the place where lord Krishna spend his Childhood. This place offers us the flashback into the journey of lord Krishna when Bal Gopal became kanha and then into lord Krishna.

Each alley has holiness indebted into it and is clustered with small and big temples dedicated to Radha and Krishna.

The sweetness that the peda of Mathura brings to the tongue, radhe radhe of vrindavan brings the same to the ears. One of the most famous pilgrimage in north India and you experience a spiritual illumination.


When you enter this place the first and foremost thing you do this forget about caste, creed, an any other form Of discrimination, this place situated in the state of Maharashtra is a place of absolute peace and spirituality.

Sai Baba always preached about one god (sabka malik ek). His preaching and simple living earned him huge number of followers.

Today his devotees flock from all over India irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.
They come here only in the search of peace and spirituality and paying a visit to the great saint. This makes it One of most visited religious places in India.


This historical place is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree which is famously known as the Bodhi tree now. This place is the ultimate Place for peace and meditation and hence huge number of Buddhist pilgrims come here.

The land is commendable in every way to think that Buddha himself tread this land. Mahabodhi temples and several other temples are frequently visited by people from all over the world.

This place is one of the most important pilgrimage sites out of the four related to lord Buddha others includes Sarnath, Kushinagar nd Lumbini.

The UNESCO in the year 2002 considered Gaya in the list of the worls heritage site.


We might take Leh as the ultimate place for adventure seekers byt it is also a paradise for those seeking peace. The Innumerable Tibetan monasteries floods the air with the smell of spirituality. The monasteries here are a collection Of several stupas, statues, wall paintings, swords and pillars engraved with Buddha’s teachings.

The place gives you Extreme peace, and beauty of this place is breathtaking which adds a cherry on the cake. Few of the famous Monasteries include Hemis, Alchi, Thiksey, Lamayuru.


Madhurai also known as the ‘temple town’ has an warm ambience perfect suitable for the spiritually thirsty,located on the southern bank of vaigai river.Legends has it that the then king of madhurai saw lord shiva in his dreams and drops of honey fell from the Matted hair of lord shiva and that is how the city got its name.

For years now madhurai has been an important learning centre and pilgrimage in India. It is also known as the Meenakshi amman temple, which is one of the most famous temples in India. When you visit this place you quench your thirst in the serene divinity and power of lord shiva.


Hampi is situauted in the state of Karnataka and here it is dabbed with innumerable temples from the vijayanagara empire which is not only a refreshment to the eye but also takes you on the spiritual journey. Hampi does not only have ruins of temples but it has innumerable temples which holds the utmost beauty of the breathtaking and magnificent architectures.

This designs speaks volumes of its rich heritage, and makes a perfect combination for people seeking a peek into the spiritual and colorful history of India where religion played an integral
part. The most famous temple of hampi includes the Virupaksha temple.


This place is located in the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir where Baba Barfani calls out to his Devotees from all over the world to take up the trek to experience the magnificent beauty and the Blessings from the almighty.

The amaranth cave and the blessings of the god takes an extra effort of a rigorous trekking, this cave is one of the oldest pilgrimage in India. Legend holds an interesting story,that lord shiva was narrating the secrets of immortality to his better half goddess parvati and it was overheard by two pigeons.

A pair of pigeons is still seen in the cave every year. Other legends say that the two pigeons are lord shiva and goddess parvati themselves blessing their devotees. The special and unexplained thing that

one experiences is the linga that is formed every year all by itself and is graced by those two pigeons. This trek yatra is an annual affair when the pilgrims trek to the holy cave temple.

13. GOA

There is no denying that when we say Goa there is no way we can think of it as a pilgrimage centre. But this Place is dotted with churches and makes an amazing pilgrimage destination in India. However here you can Find innumerous reasons which will justify why should be in the top 20 religious places in India.

The Portuguese Civilization ruled this place for a long time and hence the churches are worth the time and exploration for the Traveler in you. It does only represent the Christian faith but is also an epitome of fine and unique architecture in India.

If we talk about the most famous churches in Goa it includes basilica of bom jesus, church of the lady of immaculate conception, church of St Lawrence and convent of St Francis to name a few.


Badrinath is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh and in the laps of out pristine Himalayas. This place offers An unmatched ambience and spirituality to the devotees. When you visit this place you will experience The way divinity will embrace you in everyway.

This is a lord Vishnu temple also called as badrinathji. Legends has it that lord Vishnu came here to meditate in peace after narad ji rebuked him of being indulgent in worldly affairs.

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Hence today badrinath is the epitome of resentment from the materialistic world and you
feel the immense supreme power. It is one of the most impotant place for the chaar dham yatra in India and chotta chardham yatra in uttrakhand.


Lets enter the kingdom of lord Krishna, dwarka situated on the western tip of the state of Gujarat offers anunmatched level of spirituality.

Dwarka is also a vital place for the char dham yatra in India as if was once the capital of lord Krishna when he escaped Mathura, here lord Krishna is worshipped by the name of dwarkadhish
or ‘king of dwarka’ The people there wear white attire which makes the place look even more pristine. This
place history and ambience is sure to make you travel back in time and give the feel of the Mahabharata.


The golden temple also known as the swarn mandir or harminder sahib is situated in the state of Punjab. It is
Considered as the holiest gurudwara of the Sikhs. It was founded by the fourth guru guru ram das and
design by the fifth guru arjan. Upon its construction the holy granth was installed in inside the harimandir
sahib. The golden temples piousness and beauty speaks volumes about its rich legacy. It is surrounded by a
beautiful lake and four doors. Baisakhi is the most important festival to explore this place of its beauty and


Khwaja moinuddin chishti here listens to the wishes of his devotees and fulfills it, they said no one returns
Without their wish being fulfilled. When you come here you enter a world of serenity and peace and it
Embraces you. This dargah is ajmer is visited by millions every year from not just India but all over the world.
This place has innumerous reasons to make you fall in love with it but the magical essence of this place is
Sure to leave a mark on you. Irrespective of the caste creed and religion people come here to worship. The urs
Festival is the best time to visit this place though the dargah is crowded all year round. But during the festival
Which is an annual affair there is different energy to this place.


The sun temple or the surya mandir is in the state of odisha depicting exquisite architecture with the spiritual
Touch. The sun is considered as the ultimate source of power and energy in the world and the humongous
Size of the temple will give you the feel of the immense strong energy and power. The architectural work
Is pure genius and you cannot stop praising it. Sun also depicts victory and you can see sun god sitting on a
Chariot and this is depiction of the victory of king narsimhadeva I who managed to defeat several muslim
Invaders. Its heaven for the art lovers and travelers, the 12 pairs of carved wheels, hall of offering and the
Pyramidal roof are few of the most striking sites. The combination of spirituality and architecture in this temple
gets it the place in the top 20 religious places in india to visit when on a religious tour.

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Jagannth temple or jagganth mandir is also in the state of odisha (puri). This is an important pilgrimage in India
And also the finest monument in Odisha. Lord jagganath, goddess subhadra and bhalabhadra are the main
Deities presiding in this temple. Though devotees flock here all year round but the best time to visit this place
Is during the rath yatra which happens annually. During this time large number people visit this place and this
Place is full of life at that time. It is a very sacred pilgrimage place and reflects the Indian culture to the fullest.

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This place is considered as the first pillar of light of lord shiva or the first Dwaadash. This place is also an important
Place in India, and a survivor of several attacks in the past. This place is a very important in the book of Hindu
Pilgrimage, and a source of spirituality to them. It is situated on the shores of the Arabian sea and the sacred
Place blesses its devotees and fulfills their wishes. Visit this place and soak yourself in the pristine ambience And surrender yourself in the lap of the supreme power.

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India inspires and teaches that unity in diversity when celebrated is the most
beautiful feeling a human can hold. When we break the barriers of caste creed religion
we form a beautiful bond of humanity and that is the ultimate faith. The different culture
that India celebrates from north to south and from east to west is capturing. Every faith
and every god embraces us in the divine and serene lap of peace and lets us breath the
air of spirituality

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