Romantic Destinations in Africa

The Most Romantic Destinations in Africa

When it comes to romantic destinations, you are either thinking of Europe with countries like France, Italy and Portugal, or Asia with countries like India, Indonesia, and Thailand. But Africa is actually full of romantic destinations that would satisfy desperate romantics and honeymooners in search of the perfect place to spend time together after the wedding. So, let’s check out the most romantic places in Africa provided by russian girls dating site without a further ado.

Kristenbosch, South Africa

Kristenbosch is one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world, which already makes it one of the most romantic places in South Africa. Established in 1913, Kristenbosch became the very first botanical garden that is devoted to the indigenous flora. It is included on the UNESCO heritage list. The garden is located near Cape Town, thus you can stay in one of the cities fancy hotels, experiencing your luxury romantic getaway in South Africa.

Pemba Island, Tanzania

Pemba Island is East’s African perfect romantic places for lovebirds and honeymooners. It looks a bit like Bahamas, as the waters surrounding the island is crystal clear. The best thing about Pemba Island is untouched by mass tourism, thus those lagoons and warm beaches are all yours. You can enjoy diving with friendly locals. It is also the perfect place if you want to propose to your significant other, as this place, which looks like the Paradise on Earth, is ideal for that two against the world feeling.

Desert Tour, Morocco

You want to get a little bit adventurous on your honeymoon? Then, Morocco is one of those romantic places in Africa for your honeymoon. Aside from diving deep into the cultural peculiarities of Morocco, you can take desert tour through Sahara. You want your honeymoon to be unforgettable? You can easily achieve it via the desert tour, as you would experience the nomadic way of life, while observing the valleys and dunes of one of the largest deserts in the world. You can pick any trip that you like, lasting between two to four days.

Kakum National Park, Ghana

Kakum National Park is a perfect romantic place for animal lovers. The national park is a giant rainforest that stretches for miles. Here you can meet rainforest elephants, buffalo, and civets. All in all, the park has more than 250 species of animals and birds. The most breathtaking part of your excursion through the park is the Canopy Walkway that is built thirty meters above the grounds, and crossing several bridges stretches for almost four hundred meters.

Ibo Islands, Mozambique

What you need either on honeymoon or on the romantic trip? That’s right, and ultimate isolation from the other world. Ibo Island is the perfect place for that. This Paradise on Earth is among the most romantic destinations in Africa. You can reach it either by boat or by plane. This home for one of the largest forests in Africa and vast array of indigenous species of birds is full of peaceful fishing villages. Here you can rejoice the warmth of Indian Ocean, while tasting the delicious Mozambique cuisine, and admiring the stunning beauty of the island’s nature. The magnificence of Ibo Islands won’t make you wonder why it’s considered to be one of the most romantic places in Africa and in the world.

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