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themed dining spaces in Dubai

7 belly dancing- themed dining spaces in Dubai

Belly dance is a western coined name for the traditional ‘Middle Eastern’ dance form which people travel across the world to enjoy. One of the best belly dancers work in Dubai because, that’s the base! Sometimes, belly dancing is also known as the Greco- Turkish term called Ciftetelli

Belly dancing has its origination from the Victorian Era and it’s all about moving each part of the body, especially the hips with exceptionally sharp moves. Belly dancing is also in other parts of the world when you book a cruise in Goa, Bali and Hawaii too! However, due to cultural barriers, the style has been modified almost all the time- except for Dubai

How did Dubai pick up belly dancing?

Back in time, centuries ago, people in the Middle East never thought of belly dancing to turn out to become a form of performing arts. They used to make use of the dance form, belly dancing as a means of worshipping the Arabian goddess and was performed by women only.

The costume worn was known as the ‘bedlah’ which came with a bejewelled bra-like blouse, a belt, and a skirt or harem pants. Note- harem pant came in fashion when the dance form became popular globally.

The suit was decorated beautifully with crystals, sequins, coins, hand embroidery and had themed music- mostly saidi which was cheerful in nature and masomoudi kabir which was serious in nature which depicted multiple aspects of the respective emotions.

Vibrant and fluid- that’s what belly dancing is all about.

Belly dancing in Dubai today-

With the rise in the number of luxury yacht rentals Dubai, not just 5- star hotels but, restaurants and yachts started hiring the sexiest of belly dancers in order to increase profits. Purely for the entertainment of the visitors, belly dancers have been hired in Dubai. Some other attractions coming with cruising in Dubai with belly dancers are Arabic barbeque, henna tattoo, shisha, tanura dance, sand surfing and so on.

There are international training academies teaching the art of belly dancing across the world and has produced some of the best belly dancers with extensive training- Amar Gamal, Shakira, Nadia Gamal and others.

Champion Yachts dinner cruise: There’s nothing better than a candle light dinner in Dubai cruise with some lovely belly dancing. Champion Yachts has redefined sexiness and elegance via not just the ambiance but, the gracefulness of the art.

Awtar in Grand Hyaat: One of the most popular Arabic restaurant in Dubai are not just known for its Lebanese cuisine but, for the exceptional belly dancers they hire for the diners in order to bring in some aesthetic entertainment.

Al Kaima: Located in Le Meridian Beach Resort, the location is close to the city of Dubai and is popularly known for its hep entertainment. If you want to enjoy an outdoor dinner in Dubai’s hot climate, this is the place you’ve got to visit! Eastern cuisine and lovely staff are what they’re most popularly known for.

Nay restaurant and lounge, located in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is a top- notch, high end- crowd location. This is more of a business meeting area and has very good Burj Khalifa views along with impressive indoors.

Al Qasr restaurant, located in the Dubai Marina Beach resort is a very traditional restaurant and is one of the oldest in Dubai with a resident band and belly dancers and a lovely sea view. But, what’s better than just a sea view in Dubai? A cruise experience in Dubai!

Al Hadheerah in Bab Al Shams resort, Dubai has a good Arabic ambiance and entertainment such as camel caravan, falconry display and is just an hour away from the desert, giving it that rustic look!

Levantine is one of the most luxurious Arabic restaurants in Dubai, located in Palm Hotel with live music, dim lighting, belly dancers and the best Lebanese food! The indoor and outdoor interiors are lovely and available, giving space for more people to be seated each time.

The prime reason why Dubai is popular across the world is not just because of the skyscrapers but, because of aspects like belly dancing as well. It’s a lovely nation with a very holistic development and is a must place to visit!

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