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Vaping accessories

Vaping accessories: Here are the 5 things you need to know

What many vapers, old and new disregard is the fact that the term “vape accessories” includes so much more than just e liquids and vaping kits. They also fail to realize the fact that to have a wholesome vaping experience, and there is a lot more than only vape kits and e liquids to consider.
Things you need to know

For people new to this field and about to try first time vaping, here is what you need to know about the most basic vaping accessories:

1⦁ Purpose

It will not come as a surprise to you that the market for vapes and vape accessories are made up of millions and millions of products. These products may range from a typical vape kit to an e-liquid or to an advance atomizer. The possibilities are endless. The entire reason behind so much production in the market is the fact that the market is consistently growing and there is still a lot of room in the market. This room is filled by new manufacturers now and then looking to introduce better and better products and the fight for efficiency and price keeps the prices in the market low.

The point here is not that the market is filled with variety. The point here is what you buy. You should always be careful about what you are spending your resources on, especially if you are the first time vaping. To make sure that you do not buy anything that you do not know the function of, always try to consider how long the accessory will be of use to you. What is even better is to identify the purpose and then buy the accessory rather than to find a likable accessory and then trying to associate a purpose with it.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Of course, the underlying assumption for buying any product is to make sure that the product has quality assurances attached to it. Just because it gives you a sense of safety and guarantees you a great experience, you are willing to pay a higher price (obviously better quality comes at a higher price) for it. You might agree to it now, but you know very well that not everyone (sometimes even you) do not agree with that argument. You might often risk buying products of sub-par quality than to spend a higher amount of money for the product.

Do not make the same mistake with your vape accessories. Buying products that are not guaranteed for quality will often mean that you have a terrible vaping experience, but even more importantly, it might mean that you put your health at direct or indirect risk. Direct risk being that of an exploding kit, for instance, and indeed these incidents have taken place in the past with the blame falling upon the quality of the products in question. The indirect risk being associated with inhaling a harmful substance that may not instantly cause discomfort but may show up in the future as possible reasons.

3. A word about Coils

Coils are the main components responsible for producing the dense vapor that you so enjoy in your vapes. Coils heat up on making contact with the batteries. This heating up causes the coils to heat up the e-liquid and causes it to evaporate. This evaporation is what is the cloud production.
However, for people first time vaping, it should be made clear that coils are not long-lasting. No matter what you do, no matter how much you clean your coils, they will not last you very long. Coils will burn out and produce a burnt taste on your e-liquid as well and ruin your flavor for you. Coils run out even faster if you are not careful about your flavors. Flavors that are very sweet will gunk up your coils and burn them out sooner than you expect. Moreover, if you chain vape, without giving a lot of rest to your vape kit, your coils will burn out.

A great way to tell that your coils have burnt out is that you will start experiencing dry hits during vaping and feel a very burnt taste of your flavor. You might also know it is time to change coils if you think the flavor that you are getting on your inhales is very faded.

4. Wicking Material

The wicking material is a term used to refer to some form of absorbent material that soaks up the liquid and is then heated up by coils to produce vapors. Many people first time vaping do not understand the complexity of a wicking material and will get plain cotton to use as a wicking material.
This is very alarming. Why? For starters, proper wicking material is treated specially to not only keep it from burning under high temperatures. Moreover, this special treatments also ensures that the wicking material does not have any germs or pests that may prove harmful to your health upon inhalation. Not only this, but the specially treated wicking material also ensures that the cotton that you use for wicking does not have any taste of its own as that would mean interference with the original flavor of your e liquids. The highest quality of wicking material is available at the best prices only on

5. Nicotine and nicotine flavors

Nicotine is one of the sole reasons for a majority of vapers to vape. Vape kits do not just allow you the flexibility in vapes, but innovations have now enabled the e liquids to offer enhanced nicotine feel. It must be noted here that vapers had long been asking for increased nicotine feel and now that the vape manufacturers have delivered, the demand for these e liquids is excellent.


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