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Top 10 Foods that are Good for Your Bones

What you eat influences your health. This is why it is important to eat the right foods so that you remain healthy and active. To make sure that your bones are healthy, consume food items rich in calcium, vitamins and essential nutrients. 
A well-balanced diet that comprises fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean meats, and dry foods will keep your bones strong and save you from the risk of osteoporosis. But what are the top 10 foods that are excellent for your bones? We have the perfect list for you. 
⦁ Leafy Greens 
There is a reason the color of your veggies are so important; leafy greens contain vitamin K, proteins, magnesium and calcium. Experts believe that vitamin K is the main ingredient that helps with bone formation.  The mineral also cuts down on the loss of calcium in the urine. The lower the amount of vitamin K in your body, the more your chances of hip fractures. 
So how much greens can fulfill your vitamin K requirement? According to research, 1 cup full of raw greens or half a cup of cooked greens a day is enough. You need about 90 micrograms of greens a day to meet your daily Vitamin K requirement. 
⦁ Beans
Be they pinto, black, kidney or red beans, they are all equally essential for your magnesium and calcium needs. According to U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, an average person needs approx. 2 to 2 ½ cups of legumes per week. Studies also show that people who eat beans are also less likely to have obesity issues, cancer, and heart disease. 
If you are not a huge fan of beans, then you can eat them in soup, in salads or even with nachos!
⦁ Yogurt
Did you know that yogurt is one of those few food items that contain vitamin D? So if you are among those who cannot get access to sunlight, then this is the perfect source of vitamin D for you. Just one cup of yogurt a day is enough to meet your daily calcium needs and a good percentage of your vitamin D needs as well. Keep in mind that Greek yogurt does not fulfill daily calcium or vitamin requirement, so it will not help.
⦁ Cheese
Another amazing dairy product is cheese. All cheeses are rich in calcium so if you have a small portion of it every day, your daily need for calcium is met. Only 1.5 ounces of cheese a day is more than enough for you. Cheese also contains a small amount of vitamin D, but not enough to meet your body’s needs, hence eating it in huge amounts will not do any wonders for you. 
Remember that your body needs sufficient calcium to strengthen your bones and vitamin D for efficient calcium absorption. 
⦁ Salmon
A fan of seafood? You have good news, because salmon, tuna and such foods contain a good amount of vitamin D, as well as Omega 3-fatty acids, that ensure the good health of your bones. Salmon is also rich in good fats and proteins. If you can’t find the fresh thing, then canned will also give the same results. You can easily make a sandwich of the canned salmon or add it to your soup and salads. 
Did you know that consuming salmon with bones means that you up the dose of calcium? So if you can manage that, then it will be wonderful for you!
⦁ Vitamin C
All foods that contain vitamin C are essential for your bones. The best way to ensure that you have vitamin C each day is by starting the day with a grapefruit. Studies clarify that vitamin C helps in the prevention of bone loss. If you cannot bear a grapefruit’s sourness, then you can also consume a navel orange. 
⦁ Almond Butter
Not a fan of dry fruits like almonds? Have it in the form of butter! Pure almond butter, with just a teeny amount of salt, is the perfect thing to kick start your day and provide your bones with the grease they need. According to researchers, two tablespoons of almond butter have 112 milligrams of calcium along with some potassium and proteins. They help with the strong foundation of your bones. 
⦁ Fortified Cereals
 Cereals do not just contain fiber, they also contain about 25% of your vitamin D. If you take the right cereals in breakfast, then you won’t need to have salmon every week! Just make sure you are taking at least a bowl with milk and they are not the ones chock full of sugars!
⦁ Tofu
Asians consume a lot of tofu and for good reason too, it is a huge nutritional powerhouse. Just half a cup of tofu can provide a huge 800 milligrams of calcium. It also contains many other bone-building powers. Tofu contains a product known as isoflavone, which is believed to be the perfect way to prevent shoulder conditions and bone diseases like osteoporosis among women. 
⦁ Plumes 
There’s a reason the elderly are so in favor of prunes! Snacking on dried plumes is a habit that you need to develop if you aren’t already eating them. They contain calcium, as well as vitamin D and hence, are excellent for building bone strength. They improve the bone density of your bones so that chances of bone diseases reduce significantly. You can have them daily as snacks or add them to your meals, salads, and soups. 
The bottom line is that you should be able to get all the nutrients you need for healthy bones by eating a balanced diet. So what are the foods you already have in your diet plan? If you aren’t eating them, then start today. You will feel a visible difference in your bone health after some time of eating these 10 foods. Just make sure you don’t overdo on anything! 
Author Bio:
James Crook is a passionate health and fitness blogger. Currently, he is a working as a blogger for     Dr. Joe Wilson, Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Raleigh. Follow @jamescrook911 for more updates.

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