Top Digital Marketing Agency in India

Top 10 digital marketing Agency in India 2017

Top 10 digital marketing companies in India for 2017?

Havoc in a positive sense is what this list of the best digital marketing agencies in India is going through at the moment. With new agencies coming up with their transformational digital ideas and the veteran players learning-unlearning-relearning new methodologies for digital communication, this is not a list that can be ended at the best 10.

And so, the names included in the top 10 does stand out in some way or the other. Let’s begin to see how.

iProspect India

Popular for their services related to paid search, organic search, data and analytics etc. iProspect India is known for building comprehensive strategies for their clients. Founded in 1997, they have even been recognized for their efforts by DMAi and the Aegis Media Global Awards.

What makes them so good is their thorough understanding of client business challenges and addressing them to assure results.

Take the case of their client Cleartrip. When analyzing user behaviour, it was noticed that there’s more search for destination-to-destination flights, usually without indicating date range. Since most bookings were made within 30 days of flying, the challenge was to incorporate additional configuration so as to offer users with an entire price range for the month – for all domestic flights. And this was done by making significant changes to static landing pages, resulting not only improvement in user experience and Google quality score but also conversion rates.

Dentsu Webchutney:

It’s impossible to compile a list of top digital marketing companies in India and not include Webchutney in it. With over 250 awards to their credit, Webchutney has been creating history over the years through services for web designing, online advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing etc.

And all of this is well deserved, when you look at how effectively they work on their client projects. For instance, take the case of Payback, a customer loyalty program. With everyone in India looking for cashback and points on purchases, the agency was tasked with the job of creating brand recall, engagement and traffic to website. The social media strategy they executed – a campaign about “What’s the point of anything we do?” –    on Facebook and Twitter through a simple hashtag #PointKyaHai and some interesting comic creatives, served the purpose. The campaign was able to help Payback improve brand recall, engagement and traffic, by generating 26,140 mentions!


Founded in 2004, Pinstorm can boast of brands like Greenpeace, Tanishq, Sony, Yahoo, Idea, Jet Airways etc. to their credit. What makes them stand out is their approach towards growth. Acclaimed for their strategies for social media marketing, campaigns, SEO, brand management, integrated advertising, etc. Pinstorm conceptualizes digital strategies that are agile and aids client-brands to out-grow market stereotypes.

For a digital marketing agency like Pinstorm, there’s little credit in talking much and doing nothing about it. Their clients are big – and hence, their digital strategies are bigger. Take the case of their campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk during the Indian Premier League. The IPL generates a lot of viewership on TV and match time conversions on social media. The idea was to accelerate engagement and real time conversions using the popular hashtag #ShubhAarambh. Identifying this as a growth campaign, Pinstorm used gamification in the form of real time updates through images that people could easily share. They also maintained a leaderboard displaying individual participant shares and real time ranking based on reach, with 10-15 Daily Milk hamper being won every day! Results – over 205k conversions and shares over a period of 2 months!


Founded in 1999, MetricFox is a leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore with some of the biggest real estate players as its clients.  Think Sobha, Mantri, Unishire, Bren etc. and MetricFox is responsible for their digital strategies. Their services include social media marketing, SEO, website designing and development services, mobile marketing, email marketing etc. What makes them different is that they are one of the few digital agencies who have their in-house tools, Ampliz, Leadsberry and Clastic for campaigns.

They created buzz in global markets with their Canto project, by reaching out to top executives in the Caribbean telecom sector within 2 weeks. Since the strategy applied was PPC campaigning, there was the additional challenge of managing costs while delivering results. A combination of social media and paid search was used to deliver over 1,312,254 impressions on Facebook alone!

Media Moments

Now let’s talk about Media Moments. Focused on the creating the human connection through their digital campaigns and strategies, Media Moments has been able to cater to the niche requirements of the diverse Indian market quite skilfully. With names like Allen Solly, One Plus, Swatch, Wrogn, TCL etc. as their clients, they have been exemplary at their services for digital, social, creative and more.

The challenge of making Van Heusen the corporate professional’s first choice for attire through LinkedIn therefore did not come easy. A community therefore had to be built and an online contest run among the corporate circles in order to have fashionable professionals across industries share tips on dressing well, without having to spend much time. The results – over 60M+ impressions!

BC Web Wise

As a digital marketing agency, BC Web Wise is known for their global perspective to digital solutions. Their expertise lies in content development, media buying, website development, SEO etc. so as to provide full-service to their clients. With their unique ideology called FishSense they have been able to craft meaningful strategies for their clients.

And their ideas explain the brilliance they bring to work. Their campaign for Asus was designed completely to introduce the idea of ‘low light photography’ to targeted users in the Indian market. For the campaign, they took up a novel idea – the unseen heroes of Mumbai. In a unique manner they were able to capture the low-light feature of the smartphone by throwing light on Mumbai’s unseen heroes. The campaign took up a solitary subject and created awareness by evoking emotions.

Grapes Digital

A relatively new player in the digital market, Grapes Digital brings the best of youthful minds to work. Their clientele is global and their services are diverse, including web designing and development, mobile apps and SEO.

Their approach for the launch of Horlicks cream biscuit through interactive games, witnessed a new wave of launching edible food items in the Indian market. From providing users the option to download interesting screensavers and wallpapers, to engaging audiences through arresting games like ‘Find the Horlicks Treasure’ and ‘Escape the Enemy’, Grapes Digital did manage to create a lasting impression on audiences trough its campaigns.

Indigo Consulting

The market today has transformed, and as a leading digital consulting agency in India, Indigo Consulting has been able to adapt to changing market needs as well. An interactive marketing agency, Indigo Consulting offers world-class services for web analytics, UX and UI, eCommerce, social media, mobile apps etc.

While they have several success stories to share the one that really stands out is the story of Bajaj V. The product was unique, in that it was made from the scraps of India’s most decorated warship – INS Vikrant. The digital strategy therefore could not be ordinary. The strategy therefore was to appeal to people’s emotions, by turning India’s pride into a tangible vehicle that could be owned. The campaign launched on 26th January, the Indian Republic Day, saw native content pieces and opinions sourced from old footage, chronicling Vikrant’s journey. An online and LIVE cast strategy was used appealing to Vikrant’s heritage and history. A jaw-dropping 11,000 Bajaj V bikes were booked on the first day, leading to a 3 month waiting period, with 40k leads coming in from the digital efforts.


The reason why we chose to include RepIndia in our list of leading digital marketing companies in India is because of their young and vibrant team, with their ingenious minds! In a short period of time, RepIndia has been able to execute the most interesting projects, breaking new grounds in branding and identity design, social media strategy, digital media buying, online reputation management and more. With clients like GAP, Air Asia, Sephora, Forest Essentials, VLCC etc. this is one digital marketing agency that is redefining the manner in which brands are promoting themselves digitally.

Their execution of the Burger King launch in India is proof of their out-of-the-box thinking. While Burger King was no stranger among foodies, when it entered the Indian market, they had to come up with a new menu for the local market. The challenge therefore was to create brand identity among the Indian consumers without letting go of its global youthful appeal. The innovative act was to include a first-of-its kind pre-launch offer on eBay, and use a combination of social media marketing, ORM and brand building to gain over 1 lakh fans within the first week.

YNG Media

Another truly deserving entry into our list of the best digital companies in India is YNG Media. With over 400 clients and 2000 successfully executed campaigns, YNG Media has been able to assist organizations to establish their brand identity with the right use of technology, innovation and ideation. A one-stop agency for effective answers to digital challenges, their list of services include social media optimization, online media advertising, mobile website development, blogging services and more.

In the world of Indian fashion, Ritu Kumar’s label needs little introduction. So, the task of delivering a world-class e-store for the brand needed the right combination of sophistication, creativity, ease and simplicity – and that’s what YNG Media did for their client.

So here are the names of some of the best digital consultants and agencies in India who can help brands with their digital solutions. Considering the pace at which the digital market is growing and transforming, it’s probably a proactive though to have your own digital agency working on your online strategies.

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