5 Ways you can make your fried foods healthy

5 Ways you can make your fried foods healthy

In all over the world, there is no doubt that deep fry food is one of the most famous type of food for people of all ages. No matter whether it is French fries, fried chicken, nuggets and every deep fry food with its crunchiness and golden color. In the world, everyone has at least one guilty fried food which they enjoy eating.

Poor fried food

If you do not fry properly the deep fry food then it can be hazardous to your health.When it is done properly then it gives the golden color and crispiness but when it is over fried then there appear black spot on the food and that black area is harmful to the human. However, fry foods can certainly make a better taste and it has more potential to decrease the nutritional value if they do not prepare correctly.

Better ways to fry food

Deep fried things can give better delicious taste if they are cooked in a proper way. Deep fry food does not have to be unhealthy. If you are looking to eat healthier deep fried food then you have to learn more about deep fryers cooking to learn the better ways to make your fried food healthy. There are five ways given below which give you a better healthy fry food after adopting these ways to fry.

  • Use healthy oil
  • Do it yourself
  • Maintain oil temperature
  • Keep oil clean
  • Use baking soda

Use Healthy Oil

During frying the healthy deep fry foods different oils have different stability at higher temperatures which is also known as the point of the smoke of oils during frying. Generally, the higher smoke point gives the more stability to your oil and is better suited for frying at high temperatures. In all type of oil Olive oil is probably the better kind of oil which you can use to make your food healthy because olive oil has many benefits for health. Olive oil also gives you better stability at high temperature compared to other oil which is available in the market.

Do it yourself

Fried food is fine to eat as long as you can make it yourself. When you fry yourself then you exactly know what’s going into your deep fry food. Everything is under your control and then you are able to control the quality of your ingredients. Also, you can manage your quality of food with nutrition level which gives you the healthier deep fry food. It is important to do it yourself or buy it from some fine place because if the quality of food is not good this can badly impact your health. The reuse of oil and the temperature of the oil while cooking the food might not be monitored at a substandard eating place. This can ruin the texture and the taste of the food and can even make it unhealthy to be eaten.

Maintain Oil Temperatures

If you want to fry your food properly with crispiness and golden brown color then the temperature needs to be just right. When it is too low then your fry food is going to soak up with the excess of oil and much greasy but if too hot then your food becomes nasty and breaks down which is the bad impact on food during fry. The ideal temperature for fry is a temperature between 330Fo – 450Fo. In these days if you want to maintain the temperature of oil in frying the food then use a digital thermometer which is highly recommended and easy to use.

Keep Oil Clean

When preparing fried healthy food, it is very important to make sure your oil is clean before fry. If you reuse the oil without cleaning than it collects debris and oil will start to burn and take effect on your food as give the taste of burning in your food.In frying using the old oil mean that the oil obviously lost its healthiness and nutrient as well. You must change your oil after once it is used twice in the deep fryer to maintain the integrity of the food.

Use Baking Soda

There is another way to get the healthy deep fry food which can also improve the fried quality of food. For better food, you can use the baking soda in the batter which helps you get the healthy fried food. It will release the gas bubbles from food during frying and which will help to increase the absorption of oil in your fried good. Pairing is the method in which free gluten ingredients in a batter is a better way to promote a healthy and delicious batter for your fry foods.


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