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10 Smashing Ways of Running a Business by Your Heart

We don’t want to get out of our comfort zones. While talking business, we talk about facts, figures, projections and research. That’s what we hear from all the business consultants and read all over there at business blogs. But do you know something? – The approach leaves out an important aspect of our lives, our business – our heart.

Your heart should give an upvote to your business. Running and surviving a business is lot more than just amazing figures. It’s about you and your employees who are on the inside and allowing that to be reflected (with an impulsive power) in the business you wish to offer to the audience.

It’s all about the emotions and values you have inside-out that define the work culture you bring over there. Doesn’t make any difference whether you are the one man show or someone with a big-sized team, you should allow your heart to show up and bring everything required to make your services qualitative and the impact you make on the customers.

Below are the 10 signs that can help you determine whether you’re proceeding in the right direction:

  1. The business you do

    The industry you chose to begin with and the work projects you take on say something about who you are. When you do work, you’ve the chance to hear your inner feelings that can reflect what’s important to you – values, your passion and the dreams. Remember, there are so many ways to earn quick money. Some of them rot your soul. Some kill it. So why not go with those that make it sing? If money is the only deciding factor in the work you do, your heart doesn’t get a chance to make an appearance. Happiness doesn’t either.

    2. The way you do it

The way you conduct yourself in business is a reflection of who you are on the inside. It shows your values. You can’t be an ethical, compassionate person and conduct business in a cutthroat manner. You can’t switch it on and off. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.

Wood Family has been running a business successfully for more than 80 years; and recently shifted their focus towards online used clothing segment. “Honesty and hard work is the success formula for Genie Recycling”, says the Director, Richard Wood.


  1. How do you make connections?

Whether you run a big corporation or a microbusiness, you’ll have to enlist the help and support of others. You’ll need to share your ideas in an attempt to win them over. This is called pitching. Pitching from the heart means to connect with your audienceon an emotional level. When you connect with others on an emotional level, you win others to your side, whether that is as clients who want to hire you, as investors who want to give you money, or as partners who want to team with you to do something big. You can’t connect if your heart doesn’t show.

  1. The help you provide

We all get busy in business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be helpful to others. You can allow your heart to show in business when you make an effort to help others, even when there is not a direct dollar value benefit to you.

  1. The tone you set in the office

The work environment you create — yes, even if that office is at home in a corner of your bedroom — is about the heart. Do you feel good about the work you do? Are you hopeful for the future? Does your space provide inspiration for great work?

  1. Your willingness to try something new

You’ll need to be open to new ideas, and an open-heart helps prepare you for that. If your heart is closed, meaning you are rigid and unyielding, then your business will be stuck, stagnant, and stale. This can prevent you from being proactive in dealing with challenges or even seeing that a change needs to be made. If, on the other hand, you are open, then you can get creative and think outside the box to come up with solutions for the problems you encounter.

  1. The personal brand you build

Your personal brand signals potential clients, partners, and others and lets them know who you are and whether you and they may be a good fit. It’s imperative that your heart shows up in your personal brand because a personal brand is about evoking an emotional response, and what better way to connect on an emotional level than sharing your heart?

  1. The purpose you feel

Many people enter business just for the dollar, but those who do it for heart reasons often do so because of a feeling of purpose. They feel called to do the work they do. It’s about service and something bigger than themselves. Purposes push them forward even on days they’d rather stay in bed.

  1. How you define success

While bringing in income is certainly necessary for a business to be successful, it is not the only measure. If your definition of success includes making a difference, touching lives, and helping others in some way, then you’ve allowed your heart to have a say in your business.

  1. Your winning spirit

Your belief in your purpose, the work you do, and how you can change the world pushes you to fight. One bad quarter, or heaven forbids, bad year, doesn’t send you immediately to cash out and go home. Instead, you buckle down, educate yourself more, try more, and do more. You fight for this business that is about so much more than dollars and cents.

Monica Carter has written more than 30 books and has been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years. In this post, she talks about running a business with full of enthusiasm and your inner joy.

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