15 wedding gifts ideas

15 Wedding Gift Ideas that Suits Your Budget

Wedding Gift are a form of blessings given to the wedding couple on the gala occasion. Wedding Gifts can be tedious when you have a series of weddings lined up in the same month. Gifts need not be expensive, it can also be inexpensive yet thoughtful. In this article, we bring  15 wedding gift ideas that will perfectly match your budget.

15 Wedding Gifts Ideas that are Smooth on your Pocket


February, June, September, October are regarded as the wedding months. With a huge social group, it is obvious to have more than one wedding during these months. Get creative in gifting something useful for the couple and be smart in using your money efficiently. Read ahead to know the best and cheap wedding gift ideas:

Plan a Romantic Trip to a Nearby Winery


Wedding days are stressful both for  the bride and the groom. A quick trip to a winery will be fun and give them some quality time together.  Check online for some discounted winery packages that will surely give them a good memory for life. Plan this before or after the wedding for an affordable amount of $25 for the couple.

A Scrapbook filled with Memories


This won’t take much money, but time is required. If you are a near friend of the bride/groom, collect their pictures, stick them randomly with a small message inside. Take them back to a memory lane of their childhood, relationships, family, etc. Surprise them with a cool scrapbook with an elegant cover. This would surely be appreciated and loved by them.Roughly, the book, craft items will be under $20.

Gift a Personalized Wedding Hamper


In this you can present the couple some wine, beer or champagne along with glasses and a message attached to it. A personalized cup with their names or the wedding date can be a good idea. Choose things according to the likes of the couple. This can account for $25 or less.

Be a Helping Hand in the Wedding Preparations

Wedding comes with a huge checklist of preparations to be finished till the actual date. The work even doesn’t finish here, after the wedding there are some leftovers that needs to be finished. Opt for a work you master and help accordingly. Manage all things by making lists and distribute the work. This can help you understand your planning skills. Work from the heart and this won’t yield even a penny, but would be appreciated and remembered by the couple for life.

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Help in Creating Digital Memories

If you are not crafty enough, then this would surely be a good idea. Make a video of all near and dear ones complementing the couple. Pick the parents or close besties and create an excellent video of the wedding preparations.

This will be cherished and loved by both of them during the later years of the marriage. Transform the video into a CD, wrap it and complement it with a red ribbon. This would be around $10-15.

Transform their Wedding Card into a Frame

It would be fast and easy. These days, wedding cards come in the form of Email or e-card. Preserve the card and beautify it with an appropriate frame that can be hanged in the main hall. You can add a small message at the top or bottom. The frame should match the theme of the card, so think accordingly. The cost will come upto $30, most probably for the frame itself.

Present the couple a Cookbook

If the bride or groom is a good cook or a chef. Gifting a cookbook would be a good choice. A food basket with their favorite recipes, necessary ingredients and a fat cookbook. Complete the food basket with a bottle of wine and a cute message wishing luck. Or call them for a lavish dinner with best pals or a candlelight dinner with their favorite recipes

Perk the Couple with a Gift Card of their Favorite Brunch Place

Before the hustle and bustle of their wedding, the couple may need some time alone. Give them a gift card to their favorite brunch place. The gift card is more likely to help them de-stress and enjoy the last informal relationship before the getting into a legal relationship. The restaurant may help them remember their memories along with the food.

A Personalized Wedding Guest Book

Guest books help to have a list of all the guests present at the wedding. Instead, of a plain and simple guest book, present the couple a personalized guest book, that is perfect for the wedding. If you are confident enough, you can try your hands on the coming with some really good ideas to create or find something online. Some $30 needs to be shelled out for a lifelong memory.

A Personalized Wedding Sign

If guest book doesn’t suit well, then a catchy wedding sign can be a better personalized idea for the lovely couples. Play with their names and think out of the box to come up with a unique short sign. This can also be used as a decorative piece hanging above the 5 layered wedding cake or at the entry. You may also use this as a return gift with a couple statue with the signature at the bottom. This would cost $40, just for the decorative piece

Some Inexpensive Wine to Reduce the Wedding Hangover

This might be a common gift, but this can be quite relieve after the crazy wedding preparations. Present them with their favorite  wine or beer pack of six, wrap it perfectly to avoid the noise and gift it. Bring a beer or wine pack as obtained in the market for an affordable amount of $40. If you opt for a branded bottle, the rates may fluctuate.

Shelter their Pets While they’re on the Honeymoon

While the couple is on their sweet honeymoon, be a helping hand by giving shelter to their pets or managing their email box. Be a good neighbor by buying an extra packet of milk, eggs or related food when they return home. Stay connected with them on the phone and make necessary adjustments such that they don’t get messed up! This would cost an extra $20 to your bills.

Go for a Classic Monogrammed Towels

Gift a set of monogrammed hand towels reminding of the couple’s union. There are several such personalized gifts available online. A personalized pillow or key chains, candles with the date of marriage or the combination of letters will do wonders. Buy it online at $40 or less.

Keep it Simple and Sweet

A simple gift card or just a cash would help them financially. After the money spent on the wedding, giving cash would be a good recovery for the sweethearts. A remarkable card with a complimentary message will be soothing and memorable.

A Beautiful Wall Art

Select the best photo pre-wedding or college photo of the couple and enlarge it with just the perfect photo frame. This would be a good decorating piece for the couple in the new house.  This could be a good past memory and will surely be loved by both of them.


Go creative by preparing a personalized wedding gift with the above ideas.  These wedding gift ideas will surely make you remembered and stand out from the other gifts. There are several customized and personalized gifts available online that are cheap. Wish the love birds luck for a happy married life!

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